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The user regulations of the Police University College Library

The Police University College Library specializes in policing.

The Library caters to the entire Finnish police organization. Some of our services are restricted to students and personnel of the Police University College.

Customers who are not in the police administration must contact the Library in advance to agree on a visit. Other customers may also submit requests for interlibrary loans through their local library (see Interlibrary loans).

Two uniformed police students browsing books while sat on beanbags in the library.

Borrowing rights

Customers must present a police badge, ID card, passport or driver’s license and give their address in order to be granted borrowing rights and issued a library card. Customers are responsible for the publications they borrow. Any material that is damaged or not returned must be replaced with equivalent material, or financial compensation must be paid.

Customer details are not automatically updated according to changes in the student register or the Population Register Centre. Customers must immediately notify the Library of any changes in their name, e-mail address or other contact details.

Customers must notify the Library if their library card is lost. A library card holder is liable for the material borrowed using that card until the holder reports the card to the Library as lost, whether by phone, by e-mail or by visiting the Library in person.

Customers who do not comply with the Library’s rules of usage may have their borrowing right suspended for a fixed term or revoked entirely.

Borrower register

Borrowers’ personal data are entered in the customer register of the Police University College Library. Borrowers have the right to inspect their own personal data in the register. Our privacy statement is available on the Police University College website.

The Library’s customer register privacy statement

Loans and returns

The normal loan period for items is 28 days. Course textbooks are only lent out to Police University College students and they have a loan period of 14 days. The Library also has items that cannot be borrowed. For further information on borrowing restrictions, please consult the Library.

Materials must be returned or their loans renewed before the due date. Loans may be renewed online on the Library website, by phone or by e-mail as long as there are no reservations for the material concerned.

Borrowing rights will be suspended for a customer whose borrowed materials are overdue by more than 21 days. The suspension will be lifted when the overdue materials are returned, replaced or compensated.


Reservations may be submitted for materials currently out on loan. Customers cannot reserve materials that they already have out on loan. Also, any customer can only have one reservation for any one item.

Interlibrary loans

Students and personnel at the Police University College may request interlibrary loans from other libraries in Finland. The rules of the sending library must be complied with in an interlibrary loan.

The Police University College Library supplies interlibrary loans and copies of materials to other libraries. A fee is charged for interlibrary loans. Interlibrary loan requests may be sent by e-mail.