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Strategic planning

The Police University College is both a higher education institution and a police unit. We value constructive criticism, research-based knowledge and its utilisation, questioning the old and developing the new, as well as innovativeness.

Our strategy and operational management are a central part of our quality system. Strategical management has three interconnected areas: 

  • the strategy process 
  • the performance management system
  • operational planning.

Strategy process

The Director is responsible for the Police University College strategy process. The process for the preparation of the strategy has not been described, rather its implementation is proposed separately each time. The steering groups, personnel, students and other key persons to be specified will participate in the preparation of the new strategy. As part of the planning and evaluation of operations, we will monitor the strategy and identify update needs. The Police University College Advisory board and Planning steering group assist in identifying update needs.

Performance management

In accordance with the performance management system, we conduct annual performance agreement negotiations with the National Police Board. The preparation of performance agreement materials begins in September with a planning order issued by the National Police Board. We usually hold a performance negotiations prior to the confirmation of the performance agreement in November. In the performance agreement, we agree with the National Police Board on the resources and key objectives for the following year. 

Operational planning

The preparation of the performance agreement is preceded by the Police University College's own operational planning, which includes an analysis of the operating environment and identification of the objectives of the following year in a strategy-based manner. The most important objectives are recorded in the performance agreement that the college enters into with the National Police Board as the Police University College's own targets.

The performance management system and operational planning are combined in our Action plan, which includes both our performance agreement and our own objectives. We will specify the responsibilities for each objective in our Action plan and the measures that will be taken to attain each objective. We monitor the implementation of the Action plan in our interim evaluations on 30 April and 31 August, and at the same time we can update the plan if necessary. In connection with the interim evaluations, we also produce a performance and resource monitoring report for the National Police Board. In addition, we analyse and report on the achievement of the objectives in our annual report.

We share information on the preparation of the performance agreement and our Action plan with the entire higher education community, and the preparation platform is open to everyone. During performance and personal appraisal discussions, we link our objectives to the targets set for groups and experts. 

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