The Police University College is reducing its carbon footprint

19.1.2021 15.00

The Police University College has made a commitment to sustainable development measures. Through this commitment, the university college aims to reduce its carbon footprint, develop its expertise, promote diversity, and strengthen ethics.

The university college takes a versatile approach to enacting its commitment in line with the objectives of the UN’s Agenda 2030, Finland's social contract (Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development), the Finnish Ministry of the Interior's commitment to sustainable development measures, the roadmap for reducing the police's carbon footprint, and the program for the sustainable development and responsibility of universities of applied sciences. We undertake to:

  1. reduce the carbon footprint of the Police University College by at least 50% by 2027 and 75% by 2035, in accordance with the Ministry of the Interior's objectives and under the guidance of the National Police Board;
  2. improve the quality of our online educational content; develop the expertise of our personnel in terms of the planning and implementation of participatory, activating, and interactive online training modules and events, as well as the readiness of our students to study online;
  3. promote the recruitment and admission of people from diverse backgrounds into police education, as well as the readiness of the police organisation to welcome and support diversity in both its students and employees;
  4. promote the recruitment of persons of different genders into police leadership and management education; 
  5. develop our personnel’s expertise in matters of sustainable development and responsibility;
  6. educate experts who promote sustainable development in their work and in wider society; and
  7. always act in accordance with the values of the police, the ethical code of conduct of the police, and the Polamk code of community.

“We strongly believe in committing to concrete objectives that can be monitored and measured. We also wish to ensure that our commitment to measures that collectively contribute to the full range of sustainable development activities is sufficiently comprehensive. The Police University College has a lot to offer, especially in terms of social and cultural sustainability”, says Director of the Police University College Kimmo Himberg.

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