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Development is part of the planning, implementation and evaluation of our operation. Each of us is responsible for developing their competence and work in a customer-oriented manner. Our customers include students in our degree programmes, Finland’s police units as well as working life and society.

We have systematic evaluation and feedback procedures that are discussed in the Check chapter of the Operational Quality Manual. We identify areas for improvement based on the information produced by these.

A cycle of continuous development in which the Act phase is shown in bold.

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Development plans, working groups, projects and process managers outline our development activities.

We create development plans from information produced by different evaluation methods, whose measures we record, assign responsibilities for and schedule in the action plan. We monitor the implementation of the measures in the interim evaluations and the annual report.

We utilise the information produced by the evaluations for many different purposes. For example, we use the results of the Student Barometer in such areas as curriculum work, implementation of teaching, study counselling, improvement of the learning environment, and work on non-discrimination and equality.

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Our working groups play a key role in our development processes. In the working groups, we brainstorm and prepare initiatives, policies, guidelines and new operating methods to improve quality and to better ourselves. We often include in the preparation engaging processes that involve staff and students, sometimes also partners, in the development work.

We launch projects to develop our operations as necessary. Project Managers are responsible for providing staff, students and partners with opportunities to influence end results of projects.

Our processes have appointed responsible persons. When development needs arise, the responsible person convenes the relevant persons with whom they prepare any changes. If the needs for change so require, they are also discussed in the Employee Co-operation Committee, the Operational Steering Group and possibly in other groups.

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