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Research and development planning

One of our statutory tasks is to carry out applied research and development. Its aim is to support the planning and development of police activities and internal security as well as our teaching. We monitor and evaluate the implementation of RDI policies (research, development and innovations) annually, led by the research and development core process.

Quality system for research and development is based on the PDCA model for continuous development (plan, do, check, act). Content of the image is described in the text.

We conclude an annual performance agreement with the National Police Board, in connection with which we record the revenue targets for RDI activities and external funding in the budget. The targets for RDI activities entered into the performance agreement will be included in our action plan. In the interim evaluations, we monitor attained objectives and key figures entered in the Action plan and make budget adjustments.

Performance indicators help us monitor the economic efficiency, productivity, service capacity and quality, performances, resources and effectiveness. The indicators are for the most part related to project and publishing activities.

We usually carry out research and development activities as projects which we manage as a strategic unit. The Project portfolio management group assesses and approves or rejects individual project proposals and monitors the project portfolio from a strategic perspective. The assessment of project proposals is based on overall consideration of content and strategy compliance, the project consortium, the project’s economic efficiency and anticipated benefits as well as available resources.

We plan, assess and report projects in the joint Keto project portfolio of the police. The National Police Board’s Police Operations Development Team assesses all the project proposals which have submitted applications for police development funds or for external funding exceeding EUR 50,000.

During the planning phase for individual projects, we take into account such factors as the need for an ethical preliminary assessment , the requirements of data protection legislation (e.g. impact assessments), matters concerning the openness of materials and publications, and the perspectives of the ownership, communication and utilisation of data. 

Project work is supported by a project handbook, which brings together the principles, procedures and instructions of our project work.

Toimintakäsikirja TKI-toiminnan suunnittelu infolaatikko oikea palsta englanti

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