Toimintakäsikirja tehtävät ja organisaatio sisältö englanti


We are a university college in the field of internal security and carry out applied research and development work. Students can complete the following degrees at the Police University College:

  • Bachelor of Police Services in Finnish and in Swedish
  • Master of Police Services in Finnish and in Swedish
  • Bachelor of Rescue Services in Finnish

Emergency Services Academy Finland is responsible for providing education leading to a Bachelor of Rescue Services.

In addition to degree programme studies, we organise continuing education to maintain and develop the competence of those working in the police administration. Training is also offered to persons outside the police administration, such as private security trainers and those interested in security sector education.

Our research and development work serves the planning and development of police operations and internal security and supports teaching provided by the Police University College.


We are one of Finland’s national police units. Police organisation operates under the Ministry of the Interior. The National Police Board of Finland guides police departments, National Bureau of Investigation and the Police University College. The Finnish Security and Intelligence Service is directly guided by the Ministry of the Interior.

Organisation chart of the Police University College. Content of the image is described in the text.

Our operations are led by the Director of the Police University College together with the Board. They are assisted by the Polamk Advisory Board, which is tasked with planning and developing our operations and assessing changes in our operating environment. 

Our core processes are teaching and learning as well as research and development. The Director of Education and Director of Research are responsible for these. 

Our personnel are organised in seven competence areas: 

  • General competences 
  • Special competences 
  • Operational competences 
  • Police dog operations 
  • RDI (Research, development and innovations)
  • Student services 
  • Support services. 

The Police University College's organisation. Content of the image is described in the text.

The General, Special and Operational competences and Police dog operations are responsible for teaching and participate in research and development.

Research, development and innovation activities, services subject to a charge, international relations, project management, quality assurance as well as the Police Museum are organised in the RDI competence area. RDI-personnel participates in education. 

The tasks of student services include student admissions, students’ practical training, coordination of the planning of teaching and studies, study counselling and library services.

Support services includes human resources, financial services, ICT and educational technology, technical services, information management and information security as well as communication services.